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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Rent Safely

Rental Property Guidelines

As a tenant, you are staying in someone else's home and paying for it, so it's important to show respect for the property. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Respect Your Neighbors: If you live in an apartment complex, you share the space with other residents. Ensure that you do not create disturbances and follow the rules and regulations of the complex. This applies to detached homes or villas where you have neighbors too. Think about the things that would annoy you, as this could also cause irritation to your neighbors.
  2. Park Responsibly: Whether you are in a complex or a detached house, follow the parking behavior of other residents. Park only in designated areas and make sure not to block other cars.
  3. Celebratory Occasions: If you have something to celebrate during your stay, such as a holiday, it's fine to have a party. However, be respectful to your neighbors and surroundings. Do not play loud music, ask children to behave quietly, and avoid late-night noise.
  4. Maintain the Property: Upon arrival, you will find a clean property with all amenities as described in the rental agreement. It's important to maintain this quality until the time of key return.
  5. Report Issues: If something is not working or is damaged, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Report it immediately to the landlord so that any issues can be addressed quickly and appropriately.
  6. Keep Keys Safe: Always be mindful of your keys. Losing keys can cause a lot of inconvenience, so handle them with care and keep them in a secure place.
  7. Act Like Home: Treat the rental property or villa as you would treat your own home, with respect and care for the accommodation and your neighbors.

How to Rent Safely

Naturally, you want to experience for yourself how amazing that vacation offer is. After all, vacation is an adventure, right? But it's essential to know more than just what the advertisement tells you. Here are some steps to help you rent safely:

  1. Read Reviews: Many guests write reviews about their stay. It's wise to go through these reviews. Look at the average rating to get a good idea. Based on this, you can make an informed choice.
  2. Contact the Owner: Don't just send an email to the landlord; also, get in touch via phone for added assurance.
  3. Follow Payment Agreements: Follow the payment agreements you have made with the landlord. Wait to make payments until they are due according to the agreed procedure.
  4. Use Reliable Payment Systems: It is recommended to pay through reliable systems like PayPal, credit cards, or other secure methods. Always keep proof of transfers and debits. PayPal is a secure and transparent system for transactions between two online accounts. If you don't have a PayPal account, the landlord can also arrange for credit card payments via the PayPal system, which is very reliable but may involve fees.
  5. Book through The reservation form on displays all agreements in detail. Use this form to ensure you don't overlook anything and to handle everything correctly.
  6. Confirm Everything in Writing: Whether it's including bedding, a crib, a playpen, or a stroller, make sure all agreements are listed in the signed contract.
  7. Key Transfer: It's important to know where and at what time the key will be handed over. This can make a difference in the enjoyment of your vacation. Make sure you have clear information about this.