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How can you hire safely

You are staying as a tenant in someone else’s home. You’re paying for the privilege, but you should also show some respect for the accommodation.

A few pointers to keep in mind:

  • In an apartment complex you are surrounded by neighbors. Don’t be a nuisance and stick to the rules.
  • Even in a detached house or villa you will have neighbors that you'd rather not disturb. Anything that would annoy you, will probably also irritate the neighbors.
  • Follow the correct parking behavior of other residents. Park only where permitted and make sure your car does not get in the way of others.
  • Do you have something to celebrate during your holiday? That’s worth a party, but keep it pleasant for your neighbors and the surroundings. Turn down the volume, keep children under control and don’t make it too late.
  • You arrive in a clean house. If the facilities on offer, as specified in the lease, are all in good condition, then it should take little effort to maintain this standard of quality right up to the return of the keys.
  • Does something not work properly? Is something broken? Don’t try tinkering with it yourself, but report it to the renter. Then everything should get fixed quickly.
  • Always look after the keys. Lost keys cause a lot of trouble and that's the last thing you want on holiday.
  • You should treat the apartment or villa with the same respect that you would treat your own home.

How to hire safely

Of course, you want to get the most out of the accommodation on offer. Vacation is also an adventure, right? So you’ll probably want to know more than what the advertisement says.

Some tips on finding out more:

  • Many guests write a review. Take a moment to read through the reviews and use the average assessment as a way of checking out the offer again. Now you can make an informed choice.
  • Don’t just communicate by e-mail with the renter. Call them on the phone.
  • Go through the proper procedures with the renter for agreements on how and when to make payments. So, wait until the right moment arrives, as specified on the agreed procedure.
  • Pay preferably with reliable systems like iDeal or major credit cards. Keep copies of bank transfers and transaction records.
  • PayPal is also a secure and transparent payment system between two online accounts. You don’t have a PayPal account? The renter can arrange for a credit card payment via PayPal. It’s very reliable but there are costs attached.
  • The booking form lists and describes all agreements in detail. Use it, because then you won’t forget a thing and can check all the details.
  • Does the rental includes bedding or will be taking your own with you? Does it include a crib, playpen or stroller? Make sure all agreements are included in the signed contract.
  • It’s good to know in advance when and where you should hand over the keys. It could give you hours more holiday fun.