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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is is an online platform where property owners / landlords can advertise their properties. Here you will find villas and apartments belonging to individuals, rental companies, and travel agencies. The great advantage of is the direct contact it gives you with the landlord or manager of the rental company. You don’t need an agent or middleman. This unique platform is built on years of experience in renting out properties around the world.

Where can you go with

On you can find holiday accommodation to your liking all over the world. Simply because is open to all people or companies with holiday rentals available who want to list their offerings internationally. Looking for sun, sea, and sand? You'll find a fantastic location through A villa with pool or a holiday in the countryside? Do you prefer Asia or just Florida? Look under ‘Destinations’ and you’ll find what you seek.

Why do owners / landlords list their properties on

Every owner / landlord on manages his own rental property. He maintains all contact with tenants. This makes a unique platform with many advantages for both landlord and tenant.

Why rent a villa or apartment?

Renting your holiday accommodation offers many benefits. The price, for example. You often pay less than you would for a hotel or a resort. You're as free as a bird to arrange every day of your holiday to suit yourself. Eat at home or dine out? If everything is to your liking, then you can reserve for next year straight away. And for your next vacation, if you would like to go in search of other adventures, then will quickly find another location. Renting a suitable holiday home always gives you somewhere to stay without tying you down.

Who owns the accommodation listed on

Private property owners who manage their own rentals. Travel companies who have agreed to publish their listings on Managers of holiday homes who use use as a platform for their listings. When you rent a property through you have direct contact with the provider of the home. That way you never pay too much and you can ask the best person to help you with all your questions about the selected accommodation and the local context.

How do I book?

Once you’ve found the holiday home of your choice on then you can book online 24/7. The details can be discussed immediately and the confirmation will follow just as fast. In short, you can easily search and quickly find a suitable holiday accommodation and all the administration is settled directly between you and the landlord. Clear and simple.

What is an option?

Some properties give you the opportunity to place an option. The first option holder may accept or reject the offer, in which case the following acquires the right. In fact an option is just a question: is this holiday home available at this time? If it is, then you will be the first one who can rent the villa or apartment. The option usually remains for 3 days so that you can discuss matters and, for example, find airfares.

How do I know if the accommodation is available?

Often the web page for the rental has a calendar, which will show whether it is available. No calendar? Then the landlord prefers personal contact on availability. That can be by e-mail, telephone or via the contact form.

How do I find out the total cost of a holiday home? makes that remarkably convenient. Just enter the begin and end dates on the calendar or in the specified fields and the total price for the period including any service fees automatically appears on your screen. Would booking a different period cost less or indeed cost more? Simply change the start and end dates and you'll see any difference. calculates everything for you.

How can I tell the availability or price if there is no calendar?

When there is no calendar, simply enter the begin date and end date in the indicated fields and then the total price for the period plus any fees automatically appears on the screen. To verify whether the property is free, fill out the application form so that the landlord can mail or call you. That’s the advantage of having direct contact with the landlord. You can get in touch with each other at once and that’s really nice.

How do I pay?

This is something tenants agree on with the landlord. services include providing reservation forms in the five most commonly used languages and recommendations for the rental method. Usually a bank transfer is the definitive confirmation. You have direct contact with the landlord, so the two of you can arrange things quickly.

When do I pay?

You agree that directly with the landlord. recommends an initial deposit of 30% to 50% of the total amount followed by payment of the remainder ultimately four to six weeks before arrival.

What currencies can I use for payments?

You can discuss that with the landlord, or you’ll find it indicated on the web page. Within Europe payments are usually in euros. Outside Europe, it ranges from US dollars to the currency of the owner / landlord’s country.

Are there any additional fees?

Any additional costs are always mentioned on the reservation. Most additional costs relate to (extra) services you might want, such as a cot for a baby or allowing pets inside the property.

Can I cancel a booking?

You can but it will usually entail some cost because in that case the landlord has to find another booking for that period. The booking terms and conditions include information about the compensation for a cancellation. Be especially clear about the cancellation terms to avoid discussion afterwards.

Where do I find the provider’s General Booking Terms and Conditions for the holiday home?

Providers have their own booking conditions. Sometimes they use’s standard terms or simply adapt them to make a personal statement. They usually involve conditions that you know from your own home: treat the holiday home properly and leave it as you found it.

How do I contact the owner of the holiday home?

On the web page of your chosen accommodation is a contact form that connects you directly with the landlord. shows tenants what landlords have on offer and brings both parties into direct contact with each other. That’s plain and clear.

Who is my local contact person when I book a holiday home?

You discuss that with the landlord and he will state the local contact details on the confirmation form that you receive after making the final booking.

Which languages can I use to communicate with the property owner / landlord?

The description of the accommodation on mentions which languages you can use to speak to the property owner / landlord. There will always be one that you both understand.

Who can I contact for questions or problems during our stay?

You have the property owner’s contact details. If he does not live in the neighbourhood, he will appoint a local contact person. Your questions will always be answered, and possible problems will always be sorted.

How do I make a complaint? facilitates the publication of accommodation and is not a party in the reservation or booking. We always assume that you will have a carefree holiday, to the benefit of both landlord and tenant. Has something gone wrong? Then the two parties should consult with one another to fix the problem. That will always succeed, according to the terms of the lease and other agreements made.

Why do some properties appear several times online?

Great accommodations can be offered in more ways than one. For example, with different prices, based on the number of persons staying. Sometimes there can be a price difference, depending on the length of the reservation: a week, a month or for a longer duration. A resort can also contain several villas belonging to different owners, who each deal with their rental(s) in their own way.

Can I advertise my holiday home(s) for rental on

Yes, of course! One or more villas, houses, or apartments for summer or winter holidays or a city dwelling. is open to all property owners who want to offer their properties for rental to tenants and are willing to handle everything that goes with the rental themselves. Once you’ve entered all the details, your listing in all major languages will be published quickly.

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